Operation: New Earth


Defend the planet from extraterrestrial invaders



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Earth is under attack, and it's your job to defend it from incoming threats like aliens and meteorites. Build your own base and join thousands of players as they try to work together to defend the planet from total destruction!

You'll begin this strategy game in a semi-abandoned place where you have to set up your base. Start extracting resources to help your city grow and build troops to defend the planet from anything that comes its way. The harder you work, the stronger you'll get, so you should improve all the buildings you can and use all the technology that's available to you.

In Operation: New Earth, join an alliance to work together and destroy all the enemies you can. With the rest of the users, you can improve your installations, structures, technologies, and other elements to have better lines of attack and defenses. Complete missions to gain extra resources that will help you improve more quickly and get extra advantages for the next attack.

Operation: New Earth is a great strategy game that will entertain even the most demanding players. Get your hands dirty as you try to defend the Earth from impending attacks.
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